Exam Room Cleaning

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Student Affairs
Date Started: 
October 2011
To insure that all areas where care is administered to our patients are cleaned thoroughly and completely on a daily basis.

The goal is that exam rooms are clean and in compliance 100% of the time when randomly evaluated. The facilities managers and cleaning staff are conducting pre and post cleaning evaluations with "glitter bug" application.

Team Update

Upon the initial evaluation, quite a bit of the GlitterBug material was found to be left behind on a variety of surfaces of each exam room checked. The ends of the exam tables and the water faucet handles were found to be problem areas.

The Facilities Manager met with the Custodial Services Supervisor (CSS), and the OPP janitorial staff on September 23, 2011, on their regular shift at 5 am. She discussed the problem with them and shared our findings.
After several training and strategy sessions with OPP staff and their CSS, a plan was adopted to use more efficient spray bottle to disperse cleaning solutions and a change mop heads more frequently.
We are now 66.7% compliant. We have seen a 55.6% improvement. Six of the nine rooms were found to be in compliance.

June 8, 2012

Contact Person: 
Nancy Lambert
  • Michele Brown, Leader
  • Doris Guanowsky, Member