Liberal Arts Finance Organization

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Liberal Arts, College of the
Date Started: 
August 2010
To reorganize the work of processing budget transactions within the College so that a core group of 20 financial assistants handle the work previously accomplished by 61 people thus freeing them to concentrate on other non-financial tasks.

Charge from Dean Welch, August 2010: Staff within the College process about 110,000 budget transactions annually. More than half of these are processed by the five people in our financial office. The other 40-45% are processed by 56 other individuals throughout the College who have job assignments calling for budget work. While some of these 56 staff are highly expert, such a wide dispersion of budget responsibilities can sometimes lead to errors and inconsistencies. Our financial office staff spends a good deal of its time, collectively, providing hands on help in guiding some individuals through routine budget processes.

To deal with these issues, we are identifying about 20 staff members who will be full time financial assistants. Some will be first level entry assistants, others will have approval and supervisory authority. The new organization will be a regional one with central reporting to the Financial Officer but regional locations for the financial assistants. The financial office will manage and train all individuals with budget entry and approval authority and other financial duties; and the number of financial officer and financial assistant positions will total around 20, not 61. These staff will continue to be in the college’s major buildings (not centrally located with the current financial office). Some of them will continue to work in exactly the locations where they now work.

This change will result in some reorganization at the unit support level. Individuals identified as financial assistants in this new plan probably currently have some other responsibilities that will need to be given to other staff. At the same time, many staff who currently have some financial responsibilities will no longer have them and will be able to pick up the non-financial work of the new financial assistants.

This change has resulted in a more centralized organization of 18 people, fully operational since the end of October, 2010, making it easier for training in a much smaller group of personnel; consistency with processes; alleviating one person as a master of ERS to include six-16 masters of ERS within the College. We have become more efficient and proficient through our workflow plans set up within each Region. This is working very well, according to LA faculty & staff.

Notes: We have extensive documentation for each region expanding on the workflow process as well as charts showing the workflow. We are very pleased with the reorganization and have received many compliments from faculty and staff within the College.

Contact Person: 
Denise Surovec
  • Jeff Lieb, Financial Officer
  • Dawn Corman, Financial Assistant 4
  • Sarah Derber, Financial Assistant 3
  • Sharissa Feasler, Financial Assistant 3
  • Chris Foster, Financial Assistant 3
  • Laurie Johnson, Financial Assistant 3
  • Staci Kelly, Financial Assistant 3
  • Melody Lane, Financial Assistant 4
  • Sharon Laskowsky, Financial Assistant 3
  • Rose Niman, Financial Assistant 3
  • Connie Ripka, Financial Assistant 3
  • Stephanie Rossman, Financial Assistant 4
  • Wendy Shaffer, Financial Assistant 4
  • Jennifer Shultz, Financial Assistant 3
  • Abby Smith, Financial Assistant 3
  • Connie Stahlman, Financial Coordinator 3
  • Sonia Stover, Financial Assistant 4
  • Denise Surovec, Financial Manager 2