Outreach Reset 2020

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September 2009
To reshape parts of Outreach, redefine the work people do, and “reset” the Outreach organization, creating the Outreach of 2020.

Outreach RESET 2020 was an integrated, Outreach-wide strategic planning and budgeting effort that set the vision, and established the core organizational and fiscal agenda for Outreach for the coming ten years.The goals of RESET were to:

Assess and capitalize on the many forces shaping the market for education including advancing communications and information technology, generational demographics, and a new global market for educational services.

Comply with decreased resources and more stringent requirements caused by funding and regulatory pressures.

Examine emerging customer and client needs for education.

Explore innovative business models from related industries and apply them to Outreach.

Rethink business models and organizational structure.

Focus on core strengths and identify capabilities required for future success.

Explore key strategic imperatives for future growth and success.

Translate strategic imperatives into the strategic planning, budgeting, and operational planning processes.

Begin the change process to implement the new strategy and inculcate a spirit and process of ongoing innovation as a key component of the culture.

RESET was a transformative process that resulted in a refocused Outreach that is more strategy- and data-driven, more student- and customer-centered. RESET identified three key organizational concepts that guide our work: discipline, a common One Outreach mindset, and a clear customer focus. Teamwork, an aggressive focus on fiscal and strategy targets, elimination of redundancies, and transparency now drive our work. More specifically, results included:

Creation of a different kind of organization that can survive new, real threats so we can focus on what we do best — linking Penn State’s teaching, research, and service to students, individuals, communities, viewers, listeners, clients, stakeholders.

A disciplined strategy detailed in a Strategic Leadership Roadmap that includes mission, vision, core competencies, and strategic imperatives.

A new organizational structure that operationalizes our new strategies.

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Janet Conner
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