Common Data Set System Improvement Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Finance and Business
Date Started: 
March 2010
To review the effectiveness and ease of use of the Common Data Set for both external and internal users, review system design to streamline processes, eliminate manual data entry points, and establish future goals. The Common Data Set is a web-based comprehensive set of institutional data created to meet the needs of the higher education community and publishers.

We were effectively able to redesign the Common Data Set system by streamlining the process of creating historical files on the web, eliminating unused files, clearly defining data sources, requesting electronic submissions where possible to eliminate manual data entry, improving printing functionality, creating a data verification process and setting a framework for future improvements.

Contact Person: 
Karen O'Brien
  • Karen O'Brien, Co-Chair
  • Mark Weaver, Co-Chair
  • Yakov Bernstein, Member
  • Paul Liadis, Member
  • Kathy Seasholtz, Member
  • Tim Whitehill, Member