Early Intervention Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Penn State Mont Alto
Date Started: 
September 2007
To identify at-risk students, and respond with appropriate interventions.

After the Virgina Tech shooting journalists described how various offices had information about the shooter, but that information was not shared. In order to avoid that situation at PSU Mont Alto, the campus formed an Early Intervention Team. The students may be experiencing academic, personal, mental health, relationship, or other issues that could interfere with their academic success or adjustment to college life, or create a danger to themselves or others.

Penn State Mont Alto was one of the first campuses to create such a team. Similar teams have been formed on other campuses.

On the average, 150 students per year are discussed. Intervention strategies are developed for almost 100% of the students under review. Team members bring different perspectives to the discussions resulting in a holistic picture of the student and their needs. Different team members are designated to reach out to the students depending on the student's potential needs. Faculty members also refer students to the Team for consideration. Meetings are scheduled every other week throughout the semester and generally last for 90 minutes.

Contact Person: 
David Gnage
  • Andrea Christopher, Chair; Director, Student Affairs
  • Michele Coletta, Campus Nurse
  • Lauraine Hawkins, Faculty
  • Kim Hoover, Director, Residence Life
  • Marla Minnich, Retention Specialist
  • Darlene Pasi, Psychologist
  • Tim Radio, DUS Coordinator
  • James Sourbier, Police Chief
  • Kendra Wolgast, Director, Academic Support Center