Web Standards and Design Team

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Commonwealth Campuses, VP for
Date Started: 
July 2009
To provide an updated design and improved navigation for the 14 University College Campuses and Berks Campus College Web sites, while maintaining a unified presence supporting Penn State’s “one university, geographically dispersed” philosophy.

By 2009, the existing web sites were beginning to become dated. Usability studies, research and current trends pointed to necessary changes to keep the sites appealing and functional for the intended audience.

Rather than hire a third party to design, plan and build the new sites, the Web Standards and Design (WSD) Team tackled the challenge in-house. Captializing on the talents of representatives at each of the 15 campuses, the WSD collaborated to research, develop and test the new design and navigation structure. The team made key decisions using a one campus, one vote approach. To minimize travel costs, they used online conferencing technology.

The newly designed web sites were completed in November 2010 and launched between December 2010 and February 2011. Through their collaborative efforts and shared governance, the WSD was able to achieve their goal of providing a completely renewed web presence at a negligible cost.

After all campuses launched the new sites, we had almost nothing but positive feedback from our users about how the site had improved. We continue to work together on refining the site and on two new issues.

First, as you know, the University has to improve the accessibility of its websites for users with disabilities. The initial scans of our new sites were quite positive, and we continue to look for ways to improve the accessibility.

Second, we are working on the development of a mobile site. This is in the preliminary stages, but we recognize that this capability is needed for the future.

Peggy Signorella
August 20, 2012

Contact Person: 
Rick Coons
  • Marilee Mulvey, Immediate Past Co-Chair
  • Jackie Ritzko, Past Chair and Facilitator
  • Susan Hales, Co-Chair
  • Peggy Signorella, Co-Chair
  • Susan Bartal, Member
  • Cathy Benscoter, Member
  • Deb Blanton, Member
  • Helene Bludman, Member
  • Susan Brimo-Cox, Member
  • Adam Chlan, Member
  • Rick Coons, Member
  • Linda Curinga, Member
  • Bill Hager, Member
  • Brian Hart, Member
  • Liz Izenas, Member
  • Amy Krebs, Member
  • MaryAnn Mengel, Member
  • Kate Morgan, Member
  • Dan Mroz, Member
  • Karen Pothering, Member
  • Matt Roberts, Member
  • Jim Rounce, Member
  • Jeff Stine, Member
  • Beth Witter, Staff Support