Retiree Billing System Development and Enhancement Team

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Finance and Business
Date Started: 
May 2008
To enhance the current IBIS Retiree Billing System to facilitate real time data, produce monthly billing, and also an on-line option for the retirees to make changes, view account information, and make payments.

The current system requires a lot of manual intervention and is not time or cost effective. The system currently only calculates charges and/or changes that were made in the previous six month time frame semi-annually.

The enhancements will allow the Office of Human Resources and the Office of the Bursar to make changes to the retiree accounts and the system will automatically reflect the changes, eliminating manual adjustments.
Contact Person: 
Colleen Kosko
  • Roseann Sieminski, Sponsor
  • Colleen Kosko, Leader
  • Kathi Alterio, Member
  • Scott Bitner, Member
  • Giselle Buck, Member
  • Julie Dillon, Member
  • Cathy Dremel, Member
  • Dave Feist, Member
  • Teresa Grove, Member
  • Marylou Houck, Member
  • Cindy Kane, Member
  • Carey Lovelace, Member
  • Robin Oswald, Member
  • Rick Ramsay, Member
  • Steve Selfe, Member
  • Carl Seybold, Member
  • Lynn Williams, Member