Collections Mobility Task Force

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University Libraries
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February 2010
To determine the feasibility of having a mobile collection in which a book that is borrowed by a patron at one location would remain at that location until requested by a patron at another location.

At the Commonwealth Campus Libraries retreat in November 2009, a librarian posed the question, “If the University Libraries collection is one collection geographically dispersed, why do we have to ship our books back to the library of origin after they have been borrowed by a patron?”

The Task Force submitted its final report in November 2010. A pilot is currently taking place with four Commonwealth Campus Libraries participating (Penn State Fayette, Penn State Harrisburg, Penn State Hazleton, and Penn State York). The Task Force will report the results of the pilot in October 2011.

Here is an update on Collections Mobility.

The Task Force submitted a final report in July 2012. The task force concluded that there is no reason why a book needs to be shipped back to the library of origin. The Task Force recommended the following:

* A floating collection be made permanent at Penn State for all campus libraries.
* The floating collection should be limited to circulating monographs in the general stacks of campus libraries.
* Hershey, Dickinson, and any library location at University Park should not be considered for the floating collection
until full scale activity among campus libraries is examined.

The recommendation was accepted by the Libraries' administration. Campus libraries will be phased into collections mobility. Phase Two of Collections Mobility, beginning Fall Semester 2012, has the addition of six campus libraries for a total of ten campus libraries participating in floating collection.

Barbara Coopey
August 22, 2012

Phase Three lilbraries were added in Spring Semester 2013, for a total of ninieteen campus libraries participating in collections mobility.

Barbara Coopey
January 2013

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Barbara Coopey
  • Lisa German, Sponsor
  • Jack Sulzer, Sponsor
  • Barbara Coopey, Chair
  • Valerie Allen, Member
  • Wertney Cox, Member
  • Barbara Eshbach, Member
  • Carrie Girton, Member
  • Trish Notartomas, Member
  • Nonny Schlotzhauer, Member
  • Fay Youngmark, Member