Summon Implementation Task Force

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College / Administrative Unit: 
University Libraries
Date Started: 
September 2010
To improve the user experience and reduce user search confusion, the Penn State University Libraries will be implementing the Summon web-scale discovery system in 2011.

Summon will provide access to, and discovery of, the Libraries’ online catalog, subscription databases and local digitized collections through a single search box. It will also offer enhanced searching via facets, word stemming, spelling variants, translations, results visualization, and intuitive methods for refining result sets.

The Summon Implementation Task Force is charged with coordinating and providing oversight for the implementation of Summon. The Task Force will consult with units and individuals, as needed, throughout the Libraries and on campus to engage them in the successful implementation of the system. The Task Force will work closely with Web Steering, the Next Generation Interface Team and the Libraries Usability Team on the implementation as required to integrate the Summon search box into the Libraries’ website(s) as well as into other appropriate locations to reach our users.

Summon will soon be available in beta for testing by University Libraries Faculty and Staff and will become available in beta for students, faculty, staff, and other library patrons to use later in spring semester 2011. Summon will move into production this summer and be rolled-out to in fall 2011.

Contact Person: 
Binky Lush
  • Lisa German, Sponsor
  • Dace Freivalds, Co-Chair
  • Binky Lush, Co-Chair
  • Bob Alan, Member
  • John Attig, Member
  • Carrie Bishop, Member
  • David Brennan, Member
  • Kevin Clair, Member
  • Todd Douty, Member
  • Linda Musser, Member
  • Gail Partin, Member
  • Emily Rimland, Member