Office of the Bursar Non-Student Accounts Receivable System Development and Enhancement Team

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Finance and Business
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October 2009
To have a web-based system for the creation and management of invoices for the non-student accounts receivables. This will give the departments the ability to access and monitor their customer accounts.

The current process requires duplicate data entry by various departments. The department that initiates the original invoice enters the data, then the data is sent to Accounting Operations and the data is entered into IBIS. The information is then sent to the Office of the Bursar for entry into yet another system. Payments are received by the Office of the Bursar and applied to the outstanding invoice.

Departments will enter invoices into the new web-based system and then the budget information will be uploaded to IBIS automatically, eliminating Accounting Operations data entry. The invoice information will be uploaded to the Office of the Bursar accounts receivable system. Departments will be able to view and monitor accounts and also print reports using the web portal.

CARP (Central Accounts Receivable Portal) has been designed and is being used by several departments across campus. October 2012 the first departments went live and we are continuing to grant access to departments that currently follow: Policy FN02 CHARGE SALES AND BILLING.
CARP – Central Accounts Receivable Portal is a custom application that enables you to work more efficiently with your customers. You can use the portal to search customer records, update customer contact information, and look at customer history (such as what s/he owes and the due date). Most importantly, you can create a simple invoice document that you can print out. The invoice you create is then integrated into the University Bursar’s Office main Accounts Receivable software (known as GP or Dynamics GP), eliminating a current step where your information had to be entered again by the Bursar’s Office and Accounting Operations. This new CARP process will also standardize the process of invoicing across departments.

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Colleen Kosko
  • Roseann Sieminski, Sponsor
  • Colleen Kosko, Leader
  • Scott Bitner, Member
  • Beth Davis, Member
  • Julie Dillon, Member
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  • Rick Ramsay, Member