Faculty Search Application

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Liberal Arts, College of the
Date Started: 
February 2010
To easily and efficiently manage faculty searches in the College of the Liberal Arts.

‘Faculty Search Application’ is a new web-based application developed by Ned Balzer in the College’s IT unit. Ned developed it with assistance from Carmella Mulroy-Degenhart, Karen Campbell, Amy Homan, Amy Barone, Jan Wallace, Irene Grassi and Nicola Kiver.

The application enables staff in the College to easily and efficiently manage faculty searches. It has an outward facing web application which allows posted jobs to be viewed by potential candidates who can then apply for positions and upload their materials directly to the site, and it automatically sends the required acknowledgement letter (with language meeting the Affirmative Action Office’s requirements) to every candidate. The system enables search committees to view candidate’s materials and to rank and evaluate candidates. It improves the College’s records management by holding search materials in an electronic archive until the date they can be destroyed.

The project has been completed and is in the beginning stages of being utilized by staff in the college. This secure on-line system saves staff time as they no longer manually manage the administrative details of a search process. Because the vast majority of the process is completed electronically it has also reduced the reliance on paper copies, thereby meeting 'green' objectives and saving on the costs of paper and copying.

The College of the Liberal Arts' Faculty Search Application has now been in use for one faculty search cycle and most of the comments we have received from department users have been very positive. We think they are using it effectively. Here is a list of all the departments and units that posted open positions through the system in 2011-2012:

African American Studies
Applied Linguistics
Africana Research Center
Asian Studies Program
Communication Arts and Sciences
Comparative Literature
French and Francophone Studies
German and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Jewish Studies Program
Justice Center for Research
Labor Studies and Employment Relations
Political Science
Richards Civil War Era Center
Rock Ethics Institute
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
Women's Studies

The system has increased efficiency and accuracy in running faculty searches in the College.

In the process of using the system in 2011-2012 we identified some improvements that needed to be made, and we have not implemented them yet. We're hoping to do so in the next 6 weeks and also run a training refresher session for our staff users. The goal is that these improvements will be made for the 12-13 recruitment cycle which starts around the middle of September.

Here are some of the favorable outcomes:

Applicants upload documents themselves which saves staff time
Reference letters are bundled and uploaded altogether also saving staff time
Search committees use the site and are fine with it - this saves paper and staff time
Acknowledgement letters are sent out automatically saving staff time and increasing accuracy
Paper files do not need to be kept (this increases efficiency)
The majority of applicants seem fine using the system

Current members of the team are:

Ned Balzer - Team Advisor
Faye Maring - Team Advisor
Nicola Kiver - Team Advisor

Nicola Kiver
August 13, 2012

Contact Person: 
Sean Moeller
  • Nicola Kiver, Leader
  • Karen Campbell, Team Advisor
  • Carmella Mulroy-Degenhart, Team Advisor
  • Ned Balzer, Member
  • Amy Barone, Member
  • Irene Grassi, Member
  • Amy Homan, Member