Housing and Food Services Warehousing Logistics and Efficiency Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Finance and Business
Date Started: 
April 2010
To define and implement strategies for procedural and operational efficiency gains to reduce costs and improve customer service and overall warehouse operations.

-Review both University and For-Profit warehouse facilities for ideas and methods to improve efficiencies and
-Benchmark procedures against logistics leaders and best in class operators.
-Review procedures and operations for industry commonalities and opportunities for growth.
-Determine major areas of opportunity and develop action plans for procedural changes.
-Implement changes and new procedures to increase customer services, reduce capital expenditures, and
improve labor, procedural and operational efficiencies.

Expected Results: Implement procedural changes that will reduce operating and capital costs, while increasing food safety, space utilization, operational efficiencies and customer service.

Results to date:
-Identified critical areas for improvement and efficiency gains.
-Initiated incremental implementation of zero to low cost procedural changes that allow for maximum operational
improvements with no to low cost for adaptation.
-Created an exploratory committee to review and implement technology and logistical based systems to improve
inventory throughput, procedural, staffing and labor efficiencies.
-Initiated review and analysis of current HACCP, food safety and food defense programs.
-Instituted review of capital equipment costs and areas for capital expenditure reduction.

Contact Person: 
John Mondock
  • Chris Hurley, Co-Sponsor
  • Rich Pearce, Co-Sponsor
  • John Mondock, Co-Leader
  • Bob Reese, Co-Leader
  • Clay Barkley, Member
  • Ellen Braucht, Member
  • Diane Imbruglia, Member
  • Doug Stoner, Member