Intermodal Transportation

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Finance and Business
Date Started: 
April 2010
To develop a 10-year comprehensive Intermodal Transportation Plan for the University Park Campus that:

- Identifies the facilities, programs and policies to serve the transportation needs of a diverse community.
- Guides capital investment decisions.
- Guides transportation programs including operations, maintenance, transportation demand management
strategies and facilities planning and design.
- Ensures a supportive relationship with surrounding community objectives such as safety, security,
accessibility, environmental sustainability, and livable neighborhoods.

Develop an environmentally responsible Intermodal Transportation Plan that is customer focused, financially sustainable, and supports a balanced mix of travel choices to serve the diverse needs of the University community.

Quality is critical to the success of the Intermodal Transportation Plan. All travel choices will be well managed, effective, efficient, predictable, comfortable, accessible, and safe.

Contact Person: 
Gordon Turow
  • Gail Hurley, Co-Sponsor
  • Ford Stryker, Co-Sponsor
  • Teresa Davis, Co-Leader
  • Gordon Turow, Co-Leader
  • Eric Bernier, Member
  • Mark Bodenschatz, Member
  • Rebecca Bywater, Member
  • Rob Cooper, Member
  • Carl Hess, Member
  • Doug Holmes, Member
  • Jim May, Member
  • Hugh Mose, Member
  • Jim Purdum, Member
  • Brian St. John, Member
  • Steve Watson, Member
  • Tom Zilla, Member