Online D.Ed. Design Team: Learning and Performance Systems

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Education, College of
Date Started: 
September 2010
To design an entirely online D.Ed. Degree for doctoral study.

This team was re-formed from some members who have looked at the Ded online issue in the past (three members from the former team). We now have 10 faculty across three campuses in LPS looking at how best to design an entirely online D.Ed. Degree for doctoral study. This is an unprecendented step and LPS felt prepared for the challenge in part because we have two very strong masters programs through World Campus and a third proposed. Thus all of our programs have some World Campus presence and it is a field that we study (distance education). This team has been interested in making history with this design, to do a pedagogically outstanding job of preparing high level practitioners in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of highly effective learning systems for all populations (including corporate, adult learning, K-12, and informal learning contexts). The team worked all fall and has prepared an outstanding proposal which is currently going through the curricular approval processes. We were prompted in part by the natural extension of our masters programs, our desire to work with high level professionals, to reach out to populations that we otherwise would not be able to reach, and a recommendation from the Core Council this past fall.

We have prepared the program and course proposals which are now working their way through the curriculum approval process. We hope that we will have approval as well as the green light from World Campus who is currently looking at research and marketing data on the degree option. We have measured our progress through consent and agreement on high pedagogical standards which we all maintain. We have also examined a great deal of research on the topic, our own and others' work, to determine the ways in which our historic degree option fits within the parameters of excellent doctoral study. We will continue to measure our progress by the responses of curricular committees, and hopefully by the first cadre of students in the program.

Contact Person: 
Alison Carr-Chellman
  • Alison Carr-Chellman, Leader
  • Rose Baker, Member
  • Roy Clariana, Member
  • Robert Clark, Member
  • Susan Land, Member
  • William Milheim, Member
  • Kyle Peck, Member
  • Karen Pollack, Member
  • Dave Popp, Member
  • Gary Kuhne, Attendee