Teaching and Learning with Technology Quality Improvement Team

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Information Technology Services (ITS)
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December 2009
To implement a system of feedback channels for University users of TLT services. These include periodic surveys and online opportunities for comments and requests for help.The results of surveys are forwarded to the managers of each specific service for follow-up and planning/improvement.

To date, we have collected user satisfaction information on several of our services (Adobe Connect, CLC Classrooms, Blogs at Penn State, Media Commons, and Collaborative Learning Spaces) and have made changes as appropriate. The user feedback from the Adobe Connect videoconferencing service resulted in modifications to the software to allow a phone bridge to overcome audio problems. The results of the Collaborative Learning Spaces study is directly influencing the design of a new facility. We continue to add service assessments and have influenced assessment practices within other units within ITS. We have also integrated a FEEDBACK tab on many ITS pages to collect spontaneous input. In addition, we have conducted a survey of staff regarding technology training needs and are modifying the program to reflect user suggestions.

The first surveys were piloted in December of 2009. So far, the survey of Technology Classrooms has yielded room-specific data for improvements and enhancements.

This is a broad attempt to monitor the quality of the services offered by ITS, So far, only services offered within the Teaching & Learning with Technology have been actively targeted, but it is hoped that our model will be adopted throughout ITS. Success is measured by (1) increased level of user satisfaction evidenced in collected data and (2) increased number of services participating in the assessment process.

Since our last update, the team has done assessments of our services and identified sources of data for comparison.

Fall 2011 and again in Spring 2012, we surveyed the General Purpose Classroom instructors for their satisfaction with the physical and technology spaces in which they teach. From the analysis came recommendations for improvements. These were shared with the Classroom and Facilities Improvement Committee.

We surveyed the users of Penn State's Adobe Connect service in June. Even in the summer, we got 1207 responders providing feedback on that service.

We participated in the Educause ECAR survey, a national survey of technology use, that will allow us to benchmark against similar institutions.

We participated in the Educause Core Data Service project, supplying data from Penn State's ITS operations and services. This will allow us access to a larger database and facilitate benchmarking as well.

Vicki Williams
August 9, 2012

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Vicki Williams
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