Hypertension Recognition and Treatment

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Student Affairs
Date Started: 
March 2009
To improve clinician recognition and follow-up on elevated blood pressures. Currently, many students are seen with elevated blood pressure which is not being recognized by their clinician. Hypertension is a treatable disease that if left untreated can lead to significant morbidity and mortality. Our goal threshold is that an elevated BP would be recognized in 85% or more of clinician visits.

Discussed at medical staff meeting 10/22/08 and decided to have nurses who take an elevated blood pressure reading of >or = to 140/90, drop in an elevated blood pressure section into the chart. The section includes a check box under Assessment for diagnosis of “Elevated Blood Pressure without Hypertension”. The section includes a check box for recommendation for follow-up. This section should make it easier and faster for clinicians to recognize an elevated blood pressure, document their diagnosis and plan for follow-up. At this point we need to make sure that the intervention is used more consistently. The Nurse Manager will have reminder sessions for the nurses before the fall 2009 semester. We plan to do another chart review at the end of the fall 2009 semester.

Addendum 4/30/09: In reviewing the project, it was determined that the new section entered by the intake person will disappear if it is not included in the encounter note by the clinician. For this reason the governing body recommends that the clinicians need to be included in the educational sessions in order to include all participants critical to the process.

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Nancy Lambert
  • Karen Anderson, Leader
  • Steve Tingley, Member