Incoming Allergy Phone Calls

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Student Affairs
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January 2010
To identify how often the Nurse Advice Line was handling incoming phone calls regarding the arrival of allergy extracts. To maximize secure messaging as a more convenient process for these contacts in order to make more lines available for other urgent health calls from patients.

The goal is to maximize the number of contacts regarding allergy extracts which are made through secure messaging to 90% and minimize the number on incoming phone calls relating to allergy extracts to less than 10% of the allergy patient contacts to UHS. In Fall 2009, between 55-60% of allergy patients were calling the nurse advice line to determine if the extract had arrived from their clinician.

Corrective actions: Allergy clinic nurses devised and implemented a system to educate each allergy patient about the use of secure messaging to inquire about orders and reorders of allergy extract .
The number of allergy extract related phone calls was remeasured in Feb 2010. The percentage of allergy phone calls was reduced to less than 1%.

This QI project helped us to improve dramatically improve our communication with allergy patients. When we started this study, we were receiving 55-60 % of our patients were calling the office to see if their extract has arrived. Now we are at 99.9% of our patients communicating through secure messaging and the students state that they are very happy with the system. I hope this information helps.

Kathy Petroff
October 10, 2011

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Nancy Lambert
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