Womens Health Visit Face Sheet Maintenance

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Student Affairs
Date Started: 
November 2009
To evaluate if documentation omissions identified on an internal benchmarking review of 11/09 had improved after identification of issues and changes in documentation responsibility were implemented.

Goal is to show improved compliance with maintaining a current “face sheet” profile for patients at the time of an appointment encounter. Ideally this would be desirable at a 95% completion level.
A follow-up review of randomly selected Women’s Health charts representing 10% of the Women’s Health visits for the month of October 2009 across all Women’s Health providers was done in November 2009.
Improved percent compliance in all but the Chronic med list – where the noncompliance was due to duplication of meds rather than omission in most cases.
Overall improvement in “Face Sheet” maintenance which exceeded the 95% goal with the Allergy List compliance.
Data will be shared with the Women’s Health providers to remind them of the importance updating the “Face Sheet” data.

Contact Person: 
Nancy Lambert
  • Ann Shallcross, Leader
  • Evan Pattishall, Member