Smeal Innovation and Quality Teams

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Business, Smeal College of
Date Started: 
August 2009
To provide instructors with feedback about the impact of course designs to improve the learning process in Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, and International Business. To identify barriers to learning and exploit them as opportunities for improvement. To reflect on the ways students learn in order to help them become more efficient and effective learners.
Contact Person: 
Matthew Dubow
  • Frank Angelone, Management Team
  • Ryan Caler, Management Team
  • Daniel Callahan, Management Team
  • Michael Gilpatrick, Faculty Advisor
  • Kaitlin Seasoltz, Management Team
  • Julie Zettle, Faculty Advisor
  • Edward Babcock, Faculty
  • Matthew Dubow, Director
  • Peter Ebbes, Faculty
  • Stephen Humphrey, Faculty
  • John Ketz, Faculty
  • Nancy McClure, Faculty
  • Ken Pasch, Faculty
  • Gregory Pierce, Faculty
  • Felisa Preciado, Faculty
  • Sajay Samuel, Faculty
  • Charles Snow, Faculty
  • Evelyn Thomchick, Faculty
  • Carolyn Todd, Faculty
  • Vernis Welmon, Faculty
  • Robert Dewey, Leader
  • Amy Duray, Leader
  • Joe Evangelista, Leader
  • Amanda Fedorchak, Leader
  • Tim Haenn, Leader
  • Matthew Harrop, Leader
  • Maureen Hart, Leader
  • Jemila Machunga-Disu, Leader
  • Kyle Schneider, Leader
  • Eric White, Assistant Director