Faculty Adviser Mastery Team

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Agricultural Sciences, College of
Date Started: 
January 2010
To design and implement a “Master Adviser Development” program centered around a competency-based training model. Based on input from all stakeholders in the College (administrators, faculty and students), the team will identify the competencies necessary to be an effective academic adviser, develop a rubric for determining competence achievement, and design a comprehensive training program for all faculty advisers in the College of Agricultural Sciences. The final outcome will be excellent faculty advisers, armed with the tools and resources necessary to be effective in guiding students through the complexities of the University.

The “Faculty Adviser Mastery Team” continues to meet and work on our outcomes. To date, we have identified the
competencies necessary to be an effective faculty adviser with input from faculty, staff, students and administrators in the College of Ag Sciences. We have also linked online advising resources to each of the identified competencies.

We are currently designing tools for advisers to assess their level of mastery for each of the competencies as well as an overall assessment protocol to determine when an adviser has achieved mastery of enough competencies to receive the title “Master Adviser”. Our final product will be an online manual for our faculty advisers, complete with all of the tools necessary for them to each become master advisers if they choose. We anticipate a couple more years of work on this project and then ongoing updates as well. We already know that we will need to provide support in the form of workshops, Webinars, and individual mentoring for our advisers to achieve mastery.

Terry Musser, PhD
DUS Programs Coordinator, College of Agricultural Sciences

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Ann Dodd
  • Marcos Fernandez, Sponsor
  • Terry Musser, Leader
  • Penny Carlson, Member
  • Stephanie Doores, Member
  • Nancy Dreschel, Member
  • Jim Hilton, Member
  • James Howell, Member
  • Jana Peters, Member