PEDS PIV Project Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Medicine, College of
Date Started: 
March 2008
To reduce the frequency and severity of Pediatric Infiltrates and Extravasations in the Children’s Hospital. Develop PEDS PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) Program.
Desired Results: 

Developed new PEDS PIV Policy, developed new electronic documentation assessment form (being used by PEDS/Adults throughout PSHMC), developed PIV/Extravasation electronic order sets, developed anitdote protocols/order sets. Reduced PIV extravasations from 7-10/month, to 5 quarter, reduced severity from Stage 3-4 to stage 1-2, consults to Plastic(any stage 2 or greater)completed <1 hr(usually 30 minutes), and reduced serious(reportable)events over 18 month project. Hired PEDS PICC Nurse & implemented PEDS PICC Program servicing neonates to 18 yrs.

Contact Person: 
Cheri West
  • Mitchell Kresch, Champion
  • Steven Wassner, Champion
  • Kevin Mulieri, Leader
  • Michele Smith, Leader
  • Diane Creswell, Member
  • Michael Dettorre, Member
  • Matt Loser, Member
  • Donald Mackay, Member
  • Jennifer Phoenix, Member
  • Char Robinette, Member
  • Jennifer Ruth, Member
  • Claudia Weitekamp, Member