PEDS PIV Project Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Medicine, College of
Date Started: 
March 2008
To reduce the frequency and severity of Pediatric Infiltrates and Extravasations in the Children’s Hospital. Develop PEDS PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) Program.

Developed new PEDS PIV Policy, developed new electronic documentation assessment form (being used by PEDS/Adults throughout PSHMC), developed PIV/Extravasation electronic order sets, developed anitdote protocols/order sets. Reduced PIV extravasations from 7-10/month, to 5 quarter, reduced severity from Stage 3-4 to stage 1-2, consults to Plastic(any stage 2 or greater)completed <1 hr(usually 30 minutes), and reduced serious(reportable)events over 18 month project. Hired PEDS PICC Nurse & implemented PEDS PICC Program servicing neonates to 18 yrs.

Contact Person: 
Cheri West
  • Mitchell Kresch, Champion
  • Steven Wassner, Champion
  • Kevin Mulieri, Leader
  • Michele Smith, Leader
  • Diane Creswell, Member
  • Michael Dettorre, Member
  • Matt Loser, Member
  • Donald Mackay, Member
  • Jennifer Phoenix, Member
  • Char Robinette, Member
  • Jennifer Ruth, Member
  • Claudia Weitekamp, Member