Enrollment Management Council

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Penn State Worthington Scranton
Date Started: 
October 2007
To create an Enrollment Management Plan (EMP) of Action in 2008 which included: securing knowledgeable personnel to deal with enrollment management; conducting an environmental study to determine future targeted audiences; structuring an outreach plan designed to attract a diversified student population; creating a marketing council for the purpose of promoting enrollment objectives, educating the campus community regarding strategic approaches and developing overall program outcomes resulting in a student centered university; showing that recruitment efforts lead to robust enrollment.

As a result of the EMP, the EM Council wanted to further assess our student persistence efforts. This resulted in the establishment of a Retention Taskforce beginning in the Fall 2009 semester. We composed the Retention Taskforce as individual subgroups to assess the results of six surveys (NSSE, Student Satisfaction, Market, Newspaper Readership, Career/Counseling Needs and Orientation) given previously on our campus and identified within the categories of Communicaiton, FTCAP, Academic Advising, First Year Engagement, Academic Progress, Student Services and Student Life.

The outcome trends across all the surveys lead us to recommend to the Enrollment Management Council the following: Continue to communicatie "We are Penn State", enhance internal marketing, use our positive perception & reputation, along with Cost value - economic advantage. Use FTCAP as a means of educating our students regarding academic options and student services and to dispel 13th grade image. A list of expectations were provided to the students and academic advisors. We incorporated academic planning as part of the advisor tarining. We also incorporated an on-going orientation versus one day in order to achieve continued mentoring and counseling. We strive to be consistent in connection and engaging traditional and adult students in services, promoting the student success center as a means of support. Finally, we strive to enhance the students' sense of belonging. These recommendations lead to the retention goals for the 2010-2013 Enrollment Management Plan. It was the team effort across all faculty, staff and administrive units using measurable outcomes from valid surverys tools that guided the direction of our future enrollment plan.

Worthington Scranton has completed the campus Enrollment Management Plan (EMP) and has divided the Enrollment Management Council (EMC) into three subcommittees: assessment, retention and tracking. The assessment committee has reviewed and completed a comparative NSSE review. The tracking committee is using the CEMG enrollment planning document as a weekly tracking document and has adopted the new registrar dashboard for student and enrollment planning. The retention committee has has completed the first draft a of co-curricular transcript to build our out of class experiences for a student-centered campus.

Sandy Feather
October 4, 2011

Contact Person: 
Sandy Feather
  • Bill Bryan, Student Satisfaction Subgroup Chair
  • Sandy Feather, Career/Counseling Needs Subgroup Chair
  • Gene Grogan, Orientation Subgroup Chair
  • Amy Gruzesky, Newspaper Readership Subgroup Chair
  • Michael Mahalik, NSSE Subgroup Chair
  • Marilee Mulvey, Market Subgroup Chair
  • Todd Adams, Member
  • Mary Beth Benedict, Member
  • Kim Bogdan, Member
  • David Burnis, Member
  • Allison Burns, Member
  • Majid Chatsaz, Member
  • Marissa Curtin, Member
  • John Drake, Member
  • Yvonne Glanville, Member
  • Gina Gray, Member
  • Meg Hatch, Member
  • Patricia Hinchey, Member
  • Mary Beth Krogh-Jespersen, Member
  • Jeff Mallas, Member
  • Janet Melnick, Member
  • Tina Merli, Member
  • Philip Mosley, Member
  • Matt Neid, Member
  • Paul Perrone, Member
  • Beatriz Rivera-Barnes, Member
  • Sophia Robles, Member
  • Verna Saleski, Member
  • Debra Smarkusky, Member
  • Gayle Smith, Member
  • Sharon Toman, Member
  • Ron Yevitz, Member