Penn State Altoona Registration Committee

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Penn State Altoona
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January 2007
To ensure the most accurate semester enrollment figures prior to the enrollment census snapshot date, maximize our campus enrollments (and temporary tuition income for the campus) as early as possible, free course space for students who have paid for their registrations, allow financial aid sources to be available for students that have paid for their courses, reduce the risk of having non-registered students living in on-campus housing, reduce workloads in many offices (Registrar, Financial Aid, Bursar, Housing), and eliminate the option for students to “ride-out” a semester and only pay if grades are satisfactory.

The committee realized that communication of the process changes to our students was most important for the process to be successful. Information was posted on our web page, run on our TV system, and e-mails were sent to student e-mail accounts alerting them of the process changes.

1. Students still in scheduled status receive an e-mail the week before classes start alerting them to the fact they are still in scheduled status and giving them due dates for registering, and contact information for questions and assistance. (This information is on all correspondence) 2. Brightly colored post cards with a friendly reminder are sent to the student’s home address the first week of class.
3. A second e-mail reminder is sent to the student’s e-mail account on the second week of class.
4. A second postcard (red final notice) is sent to the student’s home address (with the cancellation date) on the third week of class.
5. Classes are cancelled on the fourth week of class. (Gives students two weeks to get classes rescheduled before census date) 6. Students can process an on-line course cancellation review request form. This allows students to request a hold on their schedules being dropped until their circumstances can be reviewed by the registration committee.
7. Students who have schedules cancelled are notified through their e-mail account.

Prior to beginning this process, we would routinely have about 200 students not registered at the time the census snapshot occurred. Many of these students would never register until they had to schedule their next semester courses. In some instances, students would just "walk away" and never pay after using university resources and tying up class space for registered students that may need an unavailable course. In addition, 200 students is the equivalent of approximately $1,000,000 in temporary tuition dollars the campus would receive to run programs and provide services each semester. Since implementing our new registration process, we now have only about a dozen students each semester who aren't registered at the cancellation deadline. It's much more efficient for the Registrar and Student Aid offices to work with these students that are in dire financial situations. The University also has more accurate enrollment and income information at an early date.

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Rob Hippo
  • Rob Hippo, Leader
  • June Aiken, Member
  • Gina Baird, Member
  • Alison Bonsell, Member
  • Shannon Corrigan, Member
  • Bonnie Dinicola, Member
  • Dave Pearlman, Member