CIC/Google Book Search Project Team

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University Libraries
Date Started: 
September 2007
To coordinate the sending of up to 500,000 items from the Penn State University Libraries’ collection to Google for digitization as part of the CIC/Google Book Project. This project will involve pulling materials from the collections at all University Libraries locations, including campus locations, preparing the materials for shipment, receiving return shipments of materials from Google, and reshelving all returned materials. The condition of items will be inspected before shipment, and necessary repairs will be made. In addition, items without barcodes will be properly barcoded and cataloged in the Libraries’ database so that users will be able to locate them more easily. Ultimately, Penn State’s collections will become more discoverable to a wider audience of users through their display in Google Book Search.

Penn State has already sent twelve shipments of books and other items from all Penn State Libraries locations to Google for scanning and is now beginning to send government documents to Google for digitization. Items scanned by Google are also being loaded into the HathiTrust, the CIC’s electronic repository. The fulfillment rate for material in the Libraries’ Annex has increased to nearly 100% as a result of barcoding efforts there.

Shipments of books and other items from all Penn State Libraries locations to Google continues. Outcomes of this initiative include greater accessibility of our collection; the development of new tools for users to locate materials more effectively; and the development of inter-institutional partnerships that lead to opportunities for further collaboration.

Lisa German

Contact Person: 
Lisa German
  • Lisa German, Leader
  • Trish Notartomas, Project Manager
  • Ann Snowman, Leader
  • Valerie Allen, Member
  • Cheri Banks, Member
  • Anne Belden, Member
  • Bill Brockman, Member
  • Matt Burns, Member
  • Nan Butkovich, Member
  • Dawn Childress, Member
  • Kevin Clair, Member
  • Wertney Cox, Member
  • Mary Derstein, Member
  • Jackie Dillon-Fast, Member
  • Todd Douty, Member
  • Jeff Edmunds, Member
  • Ethan Eissenstat, Member
  • Will Emerick, Member
  • Melissa Fink, Member
  • Dace Freivalds, Member
  • Mike Furlough, Member
  • Melody Gehlbach, Member
  • Julia Glover, Member
  • Kenneth Guidry, Member
  • Alexandra Hall, Member
  • Judy Hewes, Member
  • Darryl Hill, Member
  • Chris Holobar, Member
  • Earl Houser, Member
  • Sue Kellerman, Member
  • Kaci Kinchloe, Member
  • Diane Kurtz, Member
  • Maryam Kutchemeshgi, Member
  • Viola Langron, Member
  • Alicia Leathers, Member
  • Christopher Lemery, Member
  • Matt Mangarella, Member
  • Jeff Marker, Member
  • Andrew Marshall, Member
  • Mairead Martin, Member
  • Erin Marynak, Member
  • Amy Miller, Member
  • Rebecca Mugridge-MacIntosh, Member
  • Verne Neff, Member
  • Amy Pfeffer, Member
  • Heather Ross, Member
  • Albert Rozo, Member
  • Kerry Rusnak, Member
  • Suzanne Sadler, Member
  • Nonny Schlotzhauer, Member
  • Helen Sheehy, Member
  • Janelle Sigel, Member
  • Wayne Stump, Member
  • Daniel Threet, Member
  • Christopher Toula, Member
  • Hannah Tracy, Member
  • David Van de Streek, Member
  • Chrystal Vance, Member
  • Christopher Walker, Member
  • Robin Waltz, Member
  • Waylon Wilcox, Member
  • Stephen Woods, Member