OPP - Carpet Standards

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Finance and Business
Date Started: 
December 2009
To systematically consider environmental attributes for carpet purchases. While programs such as LEED, etc., encourage environmentally responsible carpet purchases on specific projects, there currently are no formal university standards requiring environmentally responsible carpet purchases for all applications. Environmental considerations, covering the entire spectrum from production to recycling, are becoming imperative as the University pursues its strategic sustainability goals.

Develop carpet standards which satisfy the needs of all applicable stakeholders while contributing to the strategic sustainability goals of the University.

Contact Person: 
Doug Donovan
  • Joyce Haney, Co-Sponsor
  • Steve Maruszewski, Co-Sponsor
  • Richard Fitzgerald, Leader
  • Erik Foley-DeFiore, Facilitator
  • Steve Blazer, Member
  • Stephanie Bond, Member
  • Erik Cagle, Member
  • Terry Harrison, Member
  • David Hurd, Member
  • Mike Leakey, Member
  • Al Matyasovsky, Member
  • Kathy Poissant, Member
  • Judy Spangler, Member