MyPennState Enhancements

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Undergraduate Education
Date Started: 
April 2009
To completely overhaul the MyPennState system, making significant design and functional improvements.

MyPennState existed in a basic format for a number of years, and was designed to be a personalized website that allows prospective students to login and receive specific information that is pertinent to them based upon their interests and stage in the application process. Prospective students are also able to complete their application, receive their decision, accept their offer of admission, and schedule visits through MyPennState.

- complete visual redesign of the MyPennState website portal
- creation of modular website that allows zones to be easily added or removed.
- addition of specific application status messages
- addition of missing information (from application) messages
- display for students currently scheduled visits
- display of campus appropriate picture and video
- presentation of athletic ticket purchase information
- presentation of message encouraging parent survey completion
- incorporation of "Ask The Lion" feature
- established protocols for the addition of new informational zones

Contact Person: 
David Kuskowski
  • Garrick Bodine, Co-Chair
  • David Kuskowski, Co-Chair
  • Jennie Daley, Member
  • Gary Gates, Member
  • David Gildea, Member
  • Rachel Gutierrez, Member
  • Alison Herget, Member
  • Scott Lingle, Member
  • Jenni Mahute, Member
  • Betty McKinley, Member
  • Ann Sprankle, Member
  • Vince Timbers, Member
  • Colton Williams, Member