Penn State Principles

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Penn State Schuylkill
Date Started: 
June 2009
Assessing the implementation of the four Penn State Principles across all aspects of campus life as part of a campus-wide teaching theme on Diversity within Community at Penn State Schuylkill. The four principles address academic integrity, social and personal responsibility, respect for the dignity of all individuals, and responsibility for one’s own academic progress.

An oversight team of faculty, staff, and students is leading efforts to collect evidence and assess effectiveness in teaching, modeling, and learning the principles. Five aspects of campus life are being reviewed and data collected in each area. The five aspects include Campus Mission and Purpose; Academics, Curriculum, and Pedagogy; Co-curricular Campus Life; Community and Civic Engagement; and Reward Structures and Incentives.

Funding has been committed to faculty course development; faculty, staff, and student development and training; and ongoing campus programming which addresses the principles. In addition, faculty and staff are charged with identifying, in self-reports, their individual efforts that address the principles.
Contact Person: 
Charles Law
  • Michael Gallis, Co-Chair
  • Kathy Law, Co-Chair
  • Stephen Couch, Member
  • Tammie Durham, Member
  • Jeff Fazio, Member
  • Cathy Fiorillo, Member
  • Peter Grahame, Member
  • Hartmut Heep, Member
  • Keith Hillkirk, Member
  • Dwayne Hunt, Member
  • Francine Lewis, Member
  • Kimberly Quinn, Member
  • John Roberts, Member
  • Terry Robinson, Member
  • Sebastian Roces, Member
  • Rose Snowell, Member
  • Matthew Wayman, Member