Desk Tracker Implementation Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
University Libraries
Date Started: 
June 2009
To enhance its information services by the improved collection, manipulation, and use of statistics on information queries, the Libraries purchased a license to the Desk Tracker software, which was implemented this past academic year. This software was made available to all public service units and personnel at University Park. The team developed forms to be within Desk Tracker to collect standard statistics, determined if there are other statistics that can be managed via Desk Tracker and what forms can support this activity, ensured that there is a process for sharing this information, and determined how to assess the utility of Desk Tracker.

The use of Desk Tracker has expanded to all University Library locations across the state.

Expected Results:

Desk Tracker was implemented during fall semester 2009. The team is reviewing the information collected to determine the utility of Desk Tracker and determining how to implement Knowledge Tracker, another assessment tool. The Libraries faculty and staff like Desk Tracker and readily integrated it into their services. To become more student-centered, the Libraries are using assessment to improve the quality of its reference and information services.

Desk Tracker has been implemented across not only University Park, but across all University Libraries locations so that there is a uniform reporting process for reference statistics. This allows us to use the information in a consistent fashion to add to our assessment of patron engagement strategies. We assessed Knowledge Tracker and decided not to add this product to our assessment plan. We are currently engaged in finding ways to customize Desk Tracker to provide useful data that is specific to individual library units.

Contact Person: 
Cheryl McCallips
  • Lisa German, Sponsor
  • Sally Kalin, Sponsor
  • Cheryl McCallips, Chair/Facilitator
  • Timothy Babcock, Member
  • Anne Behler, Member
  • Nan Butkovich, Member
  • Elaine Dean, Member
  • Jeanette Eisenhart, Member
  • Jennifer McCauley, Member
  • Heather Ross, Member
  • Frank Schrader, Member
  • Alan Shay, Member
  • Susan Ware, Member