Career Services Web Development and Enhancement Team

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Student Affairs
Date Started: 
May 2009
To completely redesign the Web site from the ground up taking advantage of the latest Web technology.
Our main officeWeb site had not been updated for more than 5 years. It was antiquated in terms of graphic design, navagability, and customer friendliness. As the gateway to our services our site receives more than 500,000 hits per year.

Our new web site went live in December 2009. Thus far it has received rave reviews from students, faculty, staff and employers. The key metrics we have used to evaluate the project have been: 1) volume of system use, 2) anticdotal customer comments, 3) student reviews, 4) we will do a formal customer evaluation in the year ahead - probably a Pulse Survey.

Contact Person: 
Jack Rayman
  • Jack Rayman, Sponsor
  • Holly Temple, Chair
  • Paul Crum, Member
  • Corinna Fisher, Member
  • Matthew Ishler, Member
  • Chris Thomas, Member
  • Laurie Verost, Member
  • Tracy Wallace, Member