Institutional Research Board/Office of Research Protections Application Process Improvement Team

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December 2009
To streamline internal processes for IRB applications to improve effectiveness and efficiency of review and approval for staff and customers. In order to assess these processes and find areas of redundancy and/or detours, etc., we are using process mapping.

We have, with the help of OPIA, mapped two processes, reviewed the maps and have scheduled meetings to suggest and plan for implementation of improvements.

On behalf of Candice Yekel, sponsor of the above team and Director of the Office for Research Protections, I am submitting the requested update. If you have questions, please feel free to be in touch with me.

Expedited Level Review Process – Quality Improvement Initiative

A number of changes were made to the process through the team’s efforts, combined with ongoing analysis of existing data by William Greer, Assistant Director, Human Research Protections Program, who became a team member in January, 2011.

The team participated in process mapping the existing procedures, identifying appropriate changes and implementing them. This resulted in:

1. Elimination of 10 steps/action and double-handling in the process – result of process mapping.
2. Decreased overall, average submission to approval time for protocols received > 35% in the first 4 months after changes made.

Josy Lyons, R.N., M.Ed

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Josy Lyons
  • Jodi Mathieu, Advisor/Member
  • Candice Yekel, Sponsor/Leader
  • Josy Lyons, Facilitator
  • Melissa Conrad, Member
  • William Greer, Member
  • Sara Hartman, Member
  • Tracie Kahler, Member
  • Stephanie Krout, Member
  • Dolores Maney, Member
  • Joyel Moeller, Member
  • Laura Young, Member