Liberal Arts Data Warehouse Queries Process Improvement Team

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Liberal Arts, College of the
Date Started: 
November 2009
To determine how much time is spent querying the Data Warehouse across the college and how this data is used. Our goal is to determine if greater efficiencies can be gained and used to relieve overall workloads.

August 3, 2010

Objective: Our team is looking at ways to improve the processes used by staff in the college to run Data Warehouse queries. Our goal was to find a way to simplify the query process by possibly coming up with pre-written queries for reports that are done frequently across all departments. Our secondary goal was to write a training manual that would help employees to understand the ins/outs of the data warehouse.

We are currently in the process of gathering information from all our departments about the reports they need. Once that is complete, we will compile a list of them and then write queries (or gather successful queries from departments) to put in a notebook that will be given to all staff. In addition, at some point, we plan to offer training sessions for Liberal Arts staff.

Contact Person: 
Vicki Blazer
  • Vicki Blazer, Leader
  • Tanya Hockman, Member
  • Erin Murtha, Member
  • Robin Robinson, Member
  • Sandy Wingard, Member