College of Engineering Recruiting Project

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Engineering, College of
Date Started: 
September 2009
To understand the process and sequence of events and points of interaction between the COE and prospective students. To review publications used in recruiting and informing prospective students. To consolidate publications, refine communications, utilize technology effectively, and ensure that all communications face-to-face, virtual, or print are appropriate and effective for the messages they deliver and/or the purposes they serve. To improve our current recruiting efforts, while reducing overall costs for recruiting without sacrificing quality. To determine recruiting methods that can help reach populations which are currently not being served by our recruiting efforts. To make recommendations on a replacement to Open House. To determine methods to coordinate recruiting efforts across the COE and eliminate repetition.

The team has developed an understanding of the recruiting process and various recruiting methods for the College of Engineering. The team has come up with recommendations to help improve quality and reduce costs for the various recruiting methods: prospective student visits, Spend a Summer Day, Scholar's Day, Open House, accepted student programs, offer letter, publications, presentations, prospective student website, and social media. We will continue to look at the prospective student pool, specifically yield rates, to determine if our recommendations are successful. In addition, feedback from the departments and offices that participate in these programs will be important to measure our success.

Contact Person: 
Kimberly Baran
  • Renata Engel, Sponsor
  • Kimberly Baran, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Natalie Bryner, Member
  • Kimberly Fox, Member
  • Paul Heinemann, Member
  • Jeff Hill, Member
  • Cheryl Knobloch, Member
  • Juls Kralik, Member
  • Anita Persaud, Member
  • Timothy Vitullo, Member
  • Jamie Whitehead, Member