Strategic Planning Team

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Penn State Brandywine
Date Started: 
July 2007
To launch a process to define a vision for the campus and identify goals and set priorities for the future, in July of 2007, the Chancellor appointed a strategic planning team comprised of faculty, staff, students, and community members. Penn State Brandywine had previously completed its strategic planning processes with a select number of participants from key functional areas on campus.

The strategic planning process was unique for not only Penn State Brandywine but across Penn State University because it included in-depth interviews with faculty, staff, students, and community members to identify the best of Penn State Brandywine, what should be protected at all costs, as well as the dreams of what the campus could be. Through “learning journeys,” the committee solicited input from individuals outside of the immediate campus community to amplify the information gathering process.

The team, with the assistance of some external facilitators, planned the first forum of its kind, a Future Search Conference: Penn State Excellence in Your Back Yard: Developing Regional Talent for Global Success. The purpose of this 3-day gathering, attended by a group of faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, legislators, high school administrators, Advisory Board members, business partners, and community members, was to have a strategic, whole-system conversation about the future of the campus. In addition to the 95 attendees who participated in the Future Search Conference, “town meetings” were held with faculty, staff, students, the Advisory Board, and external groups to ensure input was received from all stakeholders regarding the strategic planning goals that would appear in the resulting strategic plan and that would ultimately determine the direction and future of the campus.

Notes: There were several other members of the original Strategic Planning team who are not Penn State employees and not listed above. In addition, there are a significant number of constituents that attended the Future Search Conference who were not part of the official team but whose ideas helped shape the future of the campus – its strategic plan.

The Future Search Conference resulted in the formation of various subcommittees that were charged with investigating ideas and goals identified during the conference. These subcommittees assisted in the development of the campus’ new strategic plan, and it is a comprehensive document that lives with staff, faculty, and campus community members who are empowered to realize the goals contained therein. The completion of the written plan was one measure of performance for the team, and the attainment of goals in the plan will be another performance indicator.

Contact Person: 
Lisa Yerges
  • Elizabeth Dudkin, Chair
  • Helene Bludman, Member
  • Paul de Gategno, Member
  • Raed Elaydi, Member
  • Deborah Erie, Member
  • Susan Fredricks, Member
  • Justin Koziol, Member
  • Arnold Markley, Member
  • Sylvia Schaffer, Member
  • Donnell Tilery, Member
  • Sara Whildin, Member
  • Sophia Wisniewska, Member
  • Gail Wray, Member
  • Lisa Yerges, Member
  • Maria Zuccato, Member