Online Scheduling Process - Physical Therapy

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Student Affairs
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September 2009
To identify the types and frequency of errors and their impact on the provision of physical therapy services. The objective is to decrease the error rate to 5% per month.

The average error rate for Fall 2008 was 20%. Three types of errors were identified relating to selecting the incorrect therapist and confusion relating to appointments for treatment or evaluation. To correct the problem, online scheduling screen changes were implemented i.e. pictures of each therapist and explanations of the visit types. The system will be reevaluated in late Spring 2009.


We did implement the changes with adding our pictures and changing the wording on the instruction pages which has really helped to decrease the number of scheduling errors. I do not have any numbers or percentages to give you at this time but I think we are around the 5% range as that was the threshold we had set. We still have an occasional patient who gets through the system and schedules themselves for a treatment when they haven’t even had an evaluation yet. We also occasionally have a patient who will schedule with our PTA when in actuality they need to be with a PT. So the system is not perfect but much improved from where we started. As PT’s we still have to monitor our web bookings but we are not having to make as many changes like we were initially.

Linda Eck
PT Dept. Manager

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Nancy Lambert
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