Prescription Samples - Compliance and Safety - Pharmacy and Therapeutics

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Student Affairs
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October 2008
To standardize procedures relating to medication samples for patients to ensure the continued high standards of patient safety and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

The team completed the project in January 2009 and conducted education with the clinicians on the processes developed. The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee will monitor and report compliance with the revised procedures.


Objective: April 2009 remeasurement indicates room for improvement in documentation of samples distribution. Monthly monitoring of logs will continue with contact and education with the clinical provider if deviations from protocol occur.

Compliance will be remeasured and reported in 2010.

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TeamName: Team # 886 -- Prescription Samples - Compliance and Safety - Pharmacy and Therapeutics

AdminUnit: Student Affairs

Notes: The outcome was that an effective system for managing and tracking medication samples was developed and is now in use in Clinical Services.

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Nancy Lambert
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