Digital Collections Review Team (DCRT)

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University Libraries
Date Started: 
January 2008
To develop, on an ongoing basis, priority recommendations for materials to be digitized from our collections based on collections strength. These recommendations will be made to Collection Development Council and the Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communications.

Conferring with subject specialists and other librarians on the needs of the Penn State user community, and with related project teams, such as the Digital Initiatives Steering Committee (DISC) and the Google Scanning Team, to determine these priorities.

Reviewing existing digital collections offerings from other research libraries as well as commercial providers, to identify opportunities to extend work underway in the wider field, and to avoid duplication of effort to extent possible.

Recommending policies or projects that will ensure better access and discovery of our digital collections as needed.

Recommending useful methods of assessment for digitized collections.
Communicating its work to Collection Development Council and the Libraries in general.

Reviewed the report of the Task Force to Recommend Collection Development Priorities for Digitization (dated May 15 2007), especially the collection strengths.

Reviewed the recommended selection criteria; determined how they can best be applied.

Developed process and methods for identification of collections to be digitized.
Identified sets of materials to be digitized during the 2008/09 fiscal year.

Created a process for recommending materials for digitization in 2009/10.

July 15, 2010

The Team assessed the submission form and process for digital projects by interviewing individuals who had submitted proposals and a selected group of people who had not submitted to proposals to gather information for improvement. This was used to revise both the form and process.
Members of the Team visited all of the subject/format units of the University Libraries and communicated with all campuses to market the goals of the Team, to answer questions, gather information, and encourage submission of projects.

Bonnie Osif


By July 2010 the Digital Collections Review Team had developed a clear and transparent process for identifying, analyzing, and recommending
University Libraries collections for digitization. Since the team
began, over ten different collections have been approved for digitization. Librarians who recommended collections described the process as more transparent and informative; the production staff said that proposals were much more thorough and allowed for an accurate assessment of the costs and values of proposed digitization activity.
Their work has given the Libraries confidence in the process and was a key factor in budget decisions that led to an increase in ongoing,
permanent funding to support collection digitization. We have
determined that their work is important enough that the team will be continued as a standing committee to develop long-range digitization plans.

Mike Furlough

Contact Person: 
Bonnie Osif
  • Mike Furlough, Sponsor
  • Sue Kellerman, Leader
  • Bonnie Osif, Leader
  • Heidi Abbey, Member
  • Linda Friend, Member
  • Jane Ingold, Member
  • Doris Malkmus, Member
  • Stephanie Movahedi-Lankarani, Member
  • Martha Ney, Member
  • Amy Paster, Member
  • Nonny Schlotzhauer, Member