Digital Initiatives Steering Committee (DISC)

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
University Libraries
Date Started: 
January 2008
To coordinate the management of digital projects, effectively creating and centralizing a management structure for activities that are inherently decentralized. The formation of this Steering Committee serves as the first step toward a programmatic approach to the Libraries’ digital initiatives, moving away from the current project-based approach.

Goal: To set policy and procedures for digital projects.

Anticipated results:
* Develop a communication plan, including web resources to share updates and news of digital projects
* Establish efficiencies and standards
* Document digital production workflows
* Maximize resource discovery options
* Evaluate possible budgetary needs
* Exploit memberships in organizations such as the Digital Library Federation, EDUCAUSE, Society for Scholarly Publishing, platform user groups, etc.

Contact Person: 
Rebecca Mugridge-MacIntosh
  • Dace Freivalds, Sponsor
  • Mike Furlough, Sponsor
  • Lisa German, Sponsor
  • Sue Kellerman, Leader
  • Rebecca Mugridge-MacIntosh, Leader
  • LaDawn Benner, Member
  • Dawn Childress, Member
  • Kevin Clair, Member
  • Linda Friend, Member
  • Ben Grissinger, Member
  • Linda Klimczyk, Member
  • Bonnie Osif, Member
  • Albert Rozo, Member
  • Karen Schwentner, Member