Next Generation Public Interface Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
University Libraries
Date Started: 
January 2008
To explore options and make recommendations to IT Strategies for providing a front-end interface for access to the Libraries online catalog (The CAT) and our other local and remote resources, and to enhance access via faceted searching with the goal of providing a better discovery experience and easier access to library resources for students, faculty and staff.
Desired Results: 

The team is investigating new products and has completed an interim report to Libraries Administration with the final report due in April, 2009.

Contact Person: 
Binky Lush
  • Amy Deuink, Co-Chair
  • Binky Lush, Co-Chair
  • Paige Andrew, Member
  • Todd Douty, Member
  • Dace Freivalds, Member
  • Trish Notartomas, Member
  • Eric Novotny, Member
  • Emily Rimland, Member
  • Amy Rustic, Member
  • Ann Thompson, Member
  • Christopher Walker, Member
  • Stephen Woods, Member