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Graduate School
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October 2008
To effectively plan and manage the move of the Office for Research Protections (ORP) to Innovation Park in late spring, 2009 so that: the move is carried out efficiently; the move’s impact on customer service is minimized; changes resulting from the move are communicated early and effectively to all affected parties; staff transition to and adjustment to the new space is smooth; the benefits of the new physical space are maximized; inevitable disruptions due to the move are minimized; and, expressed concerns by all affected parties are responded to adequately.

The Transition Team has met and will continue to meet regularly to discuss and plan strategies for the move. The Team will systematically assess and manage all areas of impact, including the physical move and internal and external communications. The Team will respond to areas of concern throughout the transition and adjustment periods.


On behalf of Candice A. Yekel, Director of the Office, I am responding with updates for team number 870.

#870 ORP Transition Team

The Transition Team managed the move of our entire office from Kern Building to Innovation Park during the summer of 2009. Working with inspection issues, contractors, OPP, and unanticipated delays associated with the new physical space, the move was successfully accomplished over the month of July. The team responded rapidly to unanticipated problems, including successfully arranging for alternate working arrangements for the entire staff when we had vacated Kern, but were not yet permitted to work at the new location at Innovation Park. During this time, customers experienced little, if any, disruption of services due to the team’s and staff’s creativity, flexibility and cooperation. In addition, customer adjustment to the new location was also smooth with few, if any, complaints and attention to customer assistance remained high throughout the transition and since. A process for staff to report adjustments to be made to offices and equipment was developed and successfully implemented using a form developed specifically for this purpose. The process allowed for tracking, organizing and ensuring follow-up on reports of issues as they were received. One year later, we are now comfortably settled in our new quarters and the Transition Team’s work has been concluded.


Josy Lyons, R.N., M.Ed.
Continuous Quality Improvement
Office for Research Protections

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Josy Lyons
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