Research and Assessment Team

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College / Administrative Unit: 
Undergraduate Education
Date Started: 
September 2007
To facilitate conditions that enable Division of Undergraduate Studies colleagues to contribute to research relevant to advising; and to lead the Division of Undergraduate Studies in articulating the agenda for assessment and encouraging the integration of assessment into program delivery with a focus on internal accountability and improvement. To accomplish the first objective, the Research and Assessment Team will encourage and support acquaintance with the research literature in academic advising and related areas, nurture the pursuit of original research among DUS staff members, and create conditions for the dissemination of research endeavors undertaken by DUS colleagues. To accomplish the second objective, the Research and Assessment Team will identify needs, set priorities, locate resources, and organize vehicles for data collection, analyses, and reports.

Assessment efforts include:
survey of freshmen, sophomores, and post-FTCAP; interviews and focus groups with sophomores; assessment of advising appointment via adviser observation; and assessment of the academic review intervention for students at academic risk.

Results of assessments have informed our programmatic decision-making, have been incorporated into both enrollment and FTCAP programs, and have improved both individual practice and programmatic tools.

Contact Person: 
Janet Schulenberg
  • Elena Galinova, Co-Chair
  • Janet Schulenberg, Co-Chair
  • Kelly Bellew, Member
  • Linda Higginson, Member
  • Hilleary Himes, Member
  • Amanda Mulfinger, Member
  • Terry Musser, Member
  • Marion Schwartz, Member