Liberal Arts Electronic Office Project

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Liberal Arts, College of the
Date Started: 
November 2008
To move the Deans’ offices more comprehensively toward an electronic office environment as opposed to a paper/manual environment. The College already transitioned all undergraduate student files from paper to electronic which resulted in savings not only on paper and equipment but also in increased access to information and improved efficiency in office procedures.

We expect to save time, material resources and space. Additionally, we will develop a productive relationship with the DocFinity unit of AIS. Once the project rolls out in the Dean's office proper, we will extend it to other areas reporting to the deans including finance, development, graduate studies, research, grants and contracts, and human resources.
An obvious but critical aspect of the project is maintaining security of confidential and private files housed on a University-level server.
Performance measures will include costs, efficiency, ease of use, breadth of access, security, and sustainability.
We will measure costs not only in materials (paper, filing cabinets, printers, copiers, scanners, software, hardware, etc.) but also in time spent on production. One measure of production time would be tracking log in time in the DocFinity server as well as in determining the amount of time to find a file on the DocFinity server as opposed to finding a paper file in our own offices.
Efficiency will be measured by monitoring time from receipt/production of documents to file.
Ease of use will be measured by surveying users.
Breadth of access is the easiest to measure by maintaining access control lists and survey concurrent use of files—an activity not possible with paper files.
Sustainability can only be measured over time by determining whether or not electronic files must be converted to other formats or media to be sustained in an electronic environment as software becomes obsolete.

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Carol Mellott
  • Jennifer Morris, Sponsor
  • Carol Mellott, Member
  • Sandy Wingard, Member