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Finance and Business
Date Started: 
March 2005
To streamline the purchasing process through an on-line shopping tool. Purchasing’s eprocurement initiative sought to accomplish this within the F&B E-Business Key Initiative (sponsored by Rich Pearce). “eBuy” is a web based application whereby orders are placed electronically with Penn State’s contract suppliers. Using electronic invoicing and an internal Direct Bill, eBuy also streamlines the settlement process.
Some of eBuy’s Goals and Objectives are:
-Improve process efficiencies
-Improve customer satisfaction
-Increase and leverage contract spend
-Lower cost of goods
-Reduce order placement & delivery time
-Product history and payment information on-line

Survey Results:
-Improve process efficiencies
Electronic delivery of orders, invoices and payment has dramatically reduced the purchase-to-pay cycle time…virtually eliminated the Human Error factor.

-Improve customer satisfaction
Survey results: 86% were satisfied or very satisfied with the eBuy shopping experience, 76% said processing an eBuy order was more convenient and efficient than processing a purchase order, 61% said processing an eBuy order was more convenient and efficient than processing a purchasing card transaction, 71% said REBY (reconcile eBuy transactions) was more convenient and efficient than processing receiving reports, 77% said REBY was more convenient and efficient than reconciling a purchasing card transaction.

-Increase and leverage contract spend
eBuy provided access to better product spend data.

-Lower cost of goods
Several suppliers offered lower prices or free freight. For one supplier…it was the first time they offered a discount structure to PSU.

-Reduce order placement & delivery time
80% said eBuy has reduced the time it takes to process their purchasing needs.

-Product history and payment information on-line
Shoppers now have searchable product purchase history.

-And…need to better the purchasing card process
Higher spending limits, paperless (no receipts or support forms), easier to reconcile transactions.

Contact Person: 
Mike Conroy
  • Rich Pearce, Sponsor
  • Mike Sherlock, IT Leader
  • Joyce Haney, Leader
  • Ron Byron, Member
  • Mike Conroy, Member
  • Deborah Meder, Member
  • Eric Specht, Member
  • Lisa Steinbugl, Member
  • Joel Weidner, Member