Strategic Plan Advocates

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Penn State Berks
Date Started: 
September 2008
To implement the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan. Representing the key campus areas, the responsibilities of these champions of the strategic plan is threefold:
(a) monitor the progress of the strategic plan;
(b) identify resources needed in the particular area;
(c) develop assessment metrics to ascertain if the strategic plan goals are being met.
Additionally, the advocates have developed a strategic plan scorecard that indicates the extent the strategic plan is being implemented.

In addition to the adoption of a campus strategic plan scorecard, the Advocates have used a team building approach to implement the individual components of the strategic plan. That said, the over forty percent of the Year 1 action plans for the 2008-2013 are completed, another fifty percent are underway. The Strategic Advocates have reinforced the that ownership of the strategic plan is the campus and not any individual.

July 9, 2010

Berks now has a strategic plan scorecard. In brief, the each action step has a measurable outcome or strategic indicator. The scorecard shows the extent of the progress of each action step and keeps track of the corresponding activities associated with each action step. The Strategic Plan Advocates are responsible for updating the scorecard. It’s updated five times in an academic year.

The scorecard has improved greatly Berks ability to:
• Focus on accomplishing strategic plan priorities,
• Allocate resources based on those priorities,
• Clarify what areas are responsible for the plan,
• Streamline budget discussions and decisions, and
• Anticipate external factors that will affect progress with the plan.

The scorecard gets great visibility and is shared at faculty meetings, State of College, Division Head Meetings, etc.
Mary Lou

Contact Person: 
Mary Lou D'Allegro
  • Martha Aynardi, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Jerry Bachert, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • David Bender, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Elaine Berish, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Kim Berry, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Pete Coleman, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Maureen Dunbar, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Paul Esqueda, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Walt Fullam, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Danielle Richards, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Teri Sabatelli, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • John Shank, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Ike Shibley, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Lisa Weidman, Strategic Plan Advocate
  • Mary Lou D'Allegro, Facilitator
  • Susan Phillips Speece, Facilitator
  • Blaine Steensland, Facilitator