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Finance and Business
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September 2008
To develop an approach to make sure the appropriate firestopping is done on new projects and in existing buildings. Establish a process for identifying the scope of the problem in existing buildings. Develop an approach to establishing a firestopping maintenance program for current deficiencies and future work. Determine how (who) best to do firestopping for both new projects and maintenance work and existing deficiencies, and determine training required.


Here is an update on Team #849 Fire Stopping:

Fire stopping on new projects and existing buildings -
- OPP Design Services, OPP Construction Services, OPP Renovation Services, TNS, and OPP Central Services employees have taken part in training on how to fire stop and how to inspect fire stop locations.
- A standard specification was developed for new project work. L&I inspections will provide another layer of protection on these projects.
- Awareness training was provided to Facility Coordinators, OPP Supervisors, and OPP Directors on what fire stopping is and how to report suspected problems.

Process for establishing scope in existing buildings -
- Major Maintenance is funding an ongoing project to develop fire wall plans for each building that are easily accessible to OPP, TNS, and other employees who may need to reference them.
- A drawing format was developed to provide the firestop scope of work in existing building. This will allow estimating of time and money commitments for each building. Drawings have been developed for the top 20 buildings identified by ISES and EHS as priority.

Approach for fire stopping maintenance program -
- A process for prioritization of ISES identified buildings was developed.
- Renovation Services is installing firestopping in the top 10 buildings on campus using MM funding.
- An outside contractor is installing firestopping in the 11-20 buildings on campus using DGS funding.

Upcoming steps -
- Expand training and awareness to other Units and campuses.
- Finalize testing and inspection process for completed buildings.
- Continue developing firewall plans for all buildings.
- Improve scope drawing format for future bidding of upcoming buildings.

Rachel Prinkey, P.E.
Project Manager
Office of Physical Plant
The Pennsylvania State University

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Rachel Prinkey
  • Phillip Melnick, Sponsor
  • Rachel Prinkey, Leader
  • Allen Bonsell, Facilitator
  • Larry Frazier, Member
  • George Hoover, Member
  • Dave McCobin, Member
  • Dave Reasinger, Member
  • Lloyd Rhoades, Member
  • Steve Triebold, Member