OPP - Essential Employee Data

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Finance and Business
Date Started: 
February 2008
To develop an IT solution to manage the data associated with OPP employee essential status and team assignment. Data needs to be available to multiple people on demand at any one time, updated regularly, modified and recorded automatically under certain circumstances and portable across multiple systems.


This team has concluded their work. After analyzing the overall needs as defined by the team, Matt Donovan, one of our IT staff, created a web app that allows our work reception center to better manage the essential lists as well as other listings that are used to notify individuals. This process improvement resulted in multiple added efficiencies. The team has no need to continue.

Steve Maruszewski

Contact Person: 
Phillip Melnick
  • Steve Maruszewski, Sponsor
  • Phillip Melnick, Leader
  • Dave Burns, Member
  • Matt Donovan, Member
  • Lynette Goodrow, Member
  • Bob Kellar, Member
  • Shauna Nevel, Member
  • Alyssa Packer, Member
  • Lloyd Rhoades, Member