OPP - Damper Maintenance

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Finance and Business
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May 2008
To ensure proper operation and extended life of damper assemblies in critical applications such as research facilities and instructional space through an appropriate and cost effective preventative maintenance program. Develop a maintenance approach, identify damper types to PM, and develop PM program with costs, frequencies, practices, and resource implications identified.


We have identified buildings that would be considered “Critical” based on the criteria of supporting research, supporting operations of the University (IT, telecommunications, sensitive document storage, student medical facilities), and general purpose buildings.

We have identified what we consider to be a minimum damper class that we feel would be acceptable for new construction and renovation. Further clarification and support will be documented with support from ASHRAE standards.

We have created a Job Plan that outlines the steps required to successfully PM standard damper configurations. We have also determined the frequency for dampers in high use/traffic areas that are susceptible to fouling more frequently or jeopardizing the mission of the University.

We have also identified and acquired samples of different lubricant types that would be required on damper maintenance.

We currently need to complete the cost analysis, pull together the data from a couple of damper repair/replace jobs completed by Don Mulfinger and the sheet metal shop, and create the presentation. We have not recently met as a team, but we will be having a meeting to soon to complete the necessary final steps for the team. Don Mulfinger is retiring in the very near future and I personally want to present before he leaves the University.

Rick Phillips

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Rick Phillips
  • Phillip Melnick, Sponsor
  • Rick Phillips, Leader
  • Doug Donovan, Facilitator
  • Connie Brumgard, Member
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  • Don Mulfinger, Member
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