Worthington Scranton Web Team

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Team ID: 
College / Administrative Unit: 
Penn State Worthington Scranton
Date Started: 
January 2008
To continuously improve the campus Web site, as charged by the Chancellor, through the following activities:
identify, discuss and coordinate web related issues and concerns; solicit usability feedback and perform usability studies with students to improve navigation and design; have liaisons for departments or areas bring items to the attention of the web team; identify training topics; disseminate information from the Web Standards & Design Committee at OVPCC to departments and solicit feedback for the WSD as requested.

The Worthington Scranton web team has successfully coordinated marketing efforts with cooperation with the campus marketing council to update the Worthington Scranton home page monthly to keep the page fresh and to advertise upcoming campus recruiting events. The web team has increased awareness of web content issues (accuracy, timeliness) across the campus with internal stakeholders. The web team continually works to improve the campus web presence and increases utilization of the web as a marketing tool.

Each web team member has been involved in the design of a montly web page update to promote overall web development and understanding.

Not only does this team serve the external audience but also works to increase web professional development internally.

Contact Person: 
Marilee Mulvey
  • Marilee Mulvey, Chair and Webmaster
  • Kim Bogdan, Member
  • Allison Burns, Member
  • Sandy Feather, Member
  • Amy Gruzesky, Member
  • Mary Lance, Member
  • Audra McCloe, Member
  • Nanci Purcell, Member
  • Sandra Weaver, Member