Office for Research Protections CQI Team - Customer Service/Indexing

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June 2008
To have an effective information management system in place that is a readily accessible and user-friendly resource that will be used frequently and improve consistency across the human subjects protection program to better serve our customers. Prior to the indexing project, no system was in place to comprehensively organize and have available information from team meetings, email communications, directives, etc.

Regular Indexing team meetings were held from June, 2008. The Intranet platform for the project was developed by Michelle. Existing information from all sources was gathered and scanned, if necessary. Information will be added to the index continuously as it is approved by the Assistant Director of IRB Operations. Indexing team member Josy reviews all approved materials and provides cross-referenced indexing labels. The materials are then sent to Michelle who adds the materials to the Intranet and adds the indexing labels to the comprehensive index. The site is dynamic and deletions/additions/revisions can be taken care of quickly. Materials can be accessed directly from the Index.
The Intranet Index was introduced to the human subjects protections program team on November 11, 2008. Favorable comments were received. An email reminder to bookmark the page (with the link included in the email) was sent to each team member and was waiting for them when they returned from the demonstration.
Information will continue to be added to the Index, suggestions from users are welcomed and use of the site will be tracked.
The Indexing Team has received excellent support and cooperation from our advisors.

Contact Person: 
Josy Lyons
  • Jodi Mathieu, Member/Advisor
  • Michelle Stickler, Advisor
  • Candice Yekel, Advisor
  • Josy Lyons, Member
  • Michelle Panulla, Member