Wage Redesign Task Force

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University Libraries
Date Started: 
August 2007
To revisit the findings of the Wage Advisory Committee appointeed by Dean Eaton in July 1999, whose work was to “…advise Libraries’ Human Resources [LHR] and the Dean’s Library Council [DLC] on a wide variety of issues related to student and non-student wage employment.” At that time the committee was asked to review the “…Libraries’ hiring practices, updating the criteria for evaluating wage positions, alternative structuring of the wage scale, policies and procedures for conversion of wages into standing positions, and policies for consideration of job sharing.” In May and June of 2000 the committee provided its report and recommendations to DLC and the current wage structure was implemented.

Over the past seven years there has been an evolution in Libraries services and the use of the Libraries workforce, as well as a continually increasing wage budget funding shortage. Although issues and concerns regarding the wage employment process, structure, and pay scale have been addressed as necessary over this period of time, it is clearly time to revisit some of the aforementioned issues again. Therefore, at the request of LHR and the DLC, this task force has been created.

Results from Wendy Stodard, July 20, 2009:

Although several of the recommendations made by the task force were not necessarily new or not mentioned in the past, they did reinforce to Libraries Administration that yes, indeed, some changes needed to be made, especially in regard to reducing the wage budget. Many of the recommendations put forth by the task force are now being seriously discussed and with some being implemented. At this point, there are really no measurable outcomes that can be reported but I feel that the work of the task force did contribute to Libraries taking steps in the right direction to help the wage budget situation.

Contact Person: 
Angela Johnson-Tisdale
  • Angela Johnson-Tisdale, Sponsor
  • Cathy O'Connell, Co-facilitator
  • Wendy Stodart, Leader/Co-Facilitator
  • Robyn Dyke, Member
  • Joyce Harwell, Member
  • Judy Hewes, Member
  • Deena Morganti, Member
  • Sandy Morgart, Member
  • Jill Roland, Member