Bulk Buy Team

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Finance and Business
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Date Started: 
January 2007
To coordinate and consolidate a large portion of Penn State’s information technology (IT) spending to drive pricing down for the entire University. Started in 2005, this was the third year that Information Technology Services (ITS) and Purchasing Services formed a team that involved campus-wide participation, including colleges, departments, and commonwealth campuses in a large-volume request for laptops and desktop computers. The project team organized an effort to determine demand, consolidate configurations, negotiate with vendor(s), and coordinate the ordering process.

Describe any results:

Penn State realized more than $1.5 million savings on their spring computer purchases in 2007 and over $3.1 million cumulative savings over the last 3 years.

Penn State's bulk purchase has also contributed to "greening" efforts at the University, since it involves ITS Lab computers being shipped in Eco-Delivery containers, which yield considerably less waste. Eco containers hold four computer units per box, as opposed to vendors packing computers individually in separate boxes -- so substantially less packaging materials need to be thrown away at the end of the shipping process.

In addition, staff hours have also dropped significantly with the use of eco containers. According to a recent study by ITS, the estimated preparation time for the lab machines fell from almost four whole work days to 2 1/2 hours.

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John Ake
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